Trico puts HF welder to work

Shop Supervisor Jim Temar and Fabrication Tech Dave Hollingsworth turning out quality products with the JTE 15kw HF welder.

Trico Belting and Supply Co. of Cincinnati, OH, is home of the world’s finest and safest conveyor belt fabrication specialists.

“JTE’s HF welding technology allows us to produce a wider range of belt configurations than were previously possible,” says Dave Hollingsworth, Fabrication Tech. “Production set up and job run have improved up to 50 percent.”

“The tooling design enables us to employ HF welding technology on numerous jobs that formerly had to be constructed using a hot air machine,” according to Jim Temar, Shop Supervisor. “So improvements have come in both fabrication time and product quality. We are very pleased with the training and technical support provided to date by JTE representatives.”

Thank you for visiting us at the 2014 IFAI JTE Exhibit

At the October 2014 IFAI show in Minneapolis,  JTE received a very positive response to its four new machine solutions, in addition to much interest in the new software update on the FIAB 900 Traveling RF welder. The new solid state JTE Tabletop Grommet Welder made its debut (pictured), along with the JTE 10kw Transportable welder on wheels for easy transport from one location to another on a customer’s production floor. The JTE Ultrasonic X/Y Weld and Cut system was discussed in the Cutting Workshop, but the real Showstopper was the new SeamSTRONG rotary adhesive bonding machine- the easy to use, and undeniably reliable solution for bonding acrylics, polyester, marine materials and more!

Used Welding Machines for Purchase

Listing # 1-FIAB 1400L RF welder, 270 degree turning head, with lateral movement on 33 foot table. Complete with Latest Software, Advanced Touchscreen Controls, ability to work from either side of machine. Highly efficient for RF welding PVC/PU materials in the production of windows, tents doors and all complex structures and products. Can be used as a large shuttle machine. Very low hours, manufactured in 2010. Available for demonstration at JTE showroom. See the FIAB Turning Head RF Welder in action!