Our Machines

What can JTE do for you? We can provide you with customized machine solutions to improve your existing RF seaming operation, or advance your sewing operation into an automated process of RF machines and material handling equipment.  We provide consultation and solutions to numerous industries such as Large Format Graphics, Structures, Shades, Tents, Awnings, Liners, and Roll-to-Roll Fabrication.

      • 4kw  RF Double StationJTE Double Welder
      • RF Stationary / TransportableJTE Portable welder Frame Assembly Right Side (2)
      • RF/ Impulse Dual TechnologyJTE Impulse RF welder
      • RF Shuttle
      • RF TurntableJTE Beltwelder
      • RF Conveyor Belt / Cleat WelderJTE 2 Generator RF WelderJTE shuttle 2 meter